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Senaraikan Kursus anda di sini untuk 60 hari

Senaraikan Kursus / Latihan / Seminar atau Program Pendidikan anda di sini. Bayaran penyenaraian ialah untuk 60 hari. 

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RM 60.00

RM 60.00


Online Banking (B2C)

I understand and accept the terms and conditions.
I fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions of Direct Debit services and I acknowledge that upon successful completion of this online application, RM 1.00 shall be debited from my selected account to ensure the said account is active for the purpose of application for this service. Please note that Serai Solutions at its sole discretion may refund the RM 1.00 subject to its own terms and conditions. Please contact Serai Solutions for further details.
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