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Kursus Secure Coding Practice for Web Applications

Trainer : Dr Syed Zainudeen
Yuran asal: RM90 Promosi : RM50
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Video Training sekitar 6 jam
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Secure Coding Practice for Web Applications

As more sites are hacked each day, developers need to know what makes it possible for hackers to infiltrate their system.

This course will expose common mistakes made by developer that leave their web application open to attack, and highlight on best practices to combat them.

Participants will learn how to embed security in their web application, as early as in the development phase of their web application development, to patching existing vulnerable web application against further attacks.

  • Secure App vs Insecure App
    • 10 common security risks
    • Fixing Code Injection (server side)
    • Fixing XSS (client side)
    • Fixing Broken Authentication and Session
    • Fixing Insecure Direct Object References
    • Fixing CSRF
    • Fixing Security Misconfiguration
    • Fixing Insecure Cryptographic Storage
    • Fixing Unrestricted URL Access
    • Fixing Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
    • Fixing Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
    • Best coding practices

RM 50.00

RM 50.00

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