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Kursus Pembangunan Web dengan Ruby On Rails

Trainer : Nazrul Hazhan
Yuran asal: RM80 Promosi : RM50
SelfStudy dan Learning Support - video, material latihan dan sijil disediakan.
Video Training sekitar 6 jam
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Kandungan Kursus Ruby on Rails :

  1. Introduction
    2. Installation for Windows / Linux / Mac
    3. Basic Ruby Programming Language
    4. Real World Application → My Recipe
    5. Database and Migration
    6. Active Records ( CRUD )
    7. Relationship between models
    8. Routing
    9. Layouts. Styles and Javascripts
    10. Helpers
    11. Validation
    12. Sessions
    13. Pagination
    14. Search

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RM 50.00

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