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Kursus Asas Programming

Trainer : Zarul Zakuan
Yuran Asal : RM90  Promosi : RM50
SelfStudy dan Learning Support - video, material latihan dan sijil disediakan.
Video Training sekitar 6 jam
Akses kepada Trainer jika ada sebarang pertanyaan. 

1. Apa itu Program? Software? Application?
2. Ada pelbagai Programming Language, mana satu nak guna?
3. Data – Variables, Constants, Data Type
4. Arahan – Loops, Conditionals
5. Apa itu Functions (15 mins)
6. Apa lagi dengan Functions – Callbacks, Closures, Recursions
7. Procedural VS Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
8. OOP – Classes
9. OOP – Compositions vs Inheritances
9. Apa seterusnya untuk anda? Q&A

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RM 50.00

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