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Kursus Linux for Web Server Linux dari Asas hinggalah Setup Web Server

Trainer : Nazrul Hazhan
Yuran asal: RM90 Promosi : RM50
SelfStudy dan Learning Support - video, material latihan dan sijil disediakan.
Video Training sekitar 6 jam

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Kandungan Kursus Linux for Web Server

Chapter 1 – Overview of Linux
Chapter 2 – Linux Installation
Chapter 3 – The Linux Filesystem
Chapter 4 – Handling File and Directories
Chapter 5 – Users, Groups, File Access Permissions and System
Chapter 6 – Using the vi and pico Editor
Chapter 7 – Hardware and Device Configuration and Installation
Chapter 8 – Basic Networking
Chapter 9 – Network Configuration
Chapter 10 – System Initialization and Services
Chapter 11 – Introduction to Processes
Chapter 12 – System Administration tools
Chapter 13 – Redhat Package Management
Chapter 14 – Basic Crontab
Chapter 15 – Basic Sudo
Chapter 16 – Redhat / CentOS Basic Security
Chapter 17 – Basic Apache Web Server ,  PHP, MySQL and others
Chapter 18 – Basic FTP Server Setup
Chapter 19 – Network Sharing and Firewall with iptables
Chapter 20 – Trouble shooting Common Linux Problems

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RM 50.00

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