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Kursus Android App Penetration Test 101

Trainer : Aalim Rozli, GPEN, OSCP
SelfStudy dan Learning Support - video, material latihan  & sijil disediakan.
Video Training sekitar 6 jam
Akses kepada Trainer jika ada sebarang pertanyaan. 

This training is designed to help anyone with no prior experience in Android app penetration test. It suits anyone – working professional, school leavers, students and more.

The training will covers the following

  • Introduction to Android App Pentest
    o Purpose
    o Common vulnerabilities
  • Tooling
    o Virtualisation/emulators
    o Testing Frameworks/Suites
  • Knowing Android app
    o Type of Android app
    o Limitation on Android version
  • Obtaining Android application file
    o From store
    o Offline (ie: APK distribution)
  • Introduction to ADB
    o basic ADB usage
    o ADB in pentest
  • Decompile, recompile and re-sign
  • Static Analysis
    o Analysis of application file
    o Reversing
    o Storage
  • Dynamic Analysis
    o Request/response analysis
    o Logging
    o Storage
  • Modifying an android App
    o Tampering the android application file
  • Consolidating and reporting vulnerabilities

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RM 50.00

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